Turn up the music coz hell today we will listening to so many
🎂BIRTHDAY SONGS🎂.you know ,you know we will💫🥳🥳🥳



Hurraaaay ….should I just congratulate myself …I am on year older today ….I was waiting for this day for so long yet am scared and happy that it’s here….it’s anxiety…my daaaaay is finally here

I am a bit sad  for one tiny reason,  for the last four year I have been celebrating my birthday with my twinnie in campus…we were BORN on the same day, lived In the same hostel ( SUSWA HOSTELS)…we first met on the ADMISSION DAY 7/09/2015 ,at the line to be admitted to the school of arts and social sciences, we discovered we in the same class of COMMUNITY MANAGERS, many GROUP WORKS our classrep always put us together….after first year in uni we  moved out to apartments near the school and guess what we became ROOMMATES …from them we always plan birthdays together ,.she had been my inspiration, my friend who became my family…the best goals is when we graduated the same day.this is so incredible…I MISS YOU SO MUCH TWINNIE. my luhya   twinnie ….I can never ask for another you are perfect.May God shine your life path.HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIOLET TUZU.

( I just hope we will have kids at same time and be married In the same estate 😆😆🥰)

I feel so good writhing this piece .

So yesterday I asked my Miss254stories gang gang how they do spend their birthday and  the feedback was incredible so sweet that am still amazed .you all are so loving.cheers to all of us Miss254stories reading squad

Okey ,should I start with how I have spent my last birthdays or how  differently I will spend this birthday .( am torn)…I have done all things people do on their birthdays , all crazy all mad crazy that I can’t say here ( PG 18) 😛😛.let’s start with :


Oh 17th September ,you are here, I have waited for you for so long.i can’t believe that’s i am starting a new year today ,you know I am feeling good and blessed yet emotional and happy…this feeling is UNEXPLAINABLE.
after your feedback on how you all spend your birthdays I was so inspired to do it differently this time..I have spent it as me being crazy, in love, with friends with fam , travelling mention it all but never have I ever spent my birthday sharing with all at the same time, never giving back to my community , never spent it alone,never spent it with strangers.yes,you guessed right

a)I am spending my birthday with y’all through MISS254STORIES …..

B) I am spending it with people I don’t know ,share all ,talk about it all ,am so excited

C) I am spending it with my community.my heart of giving cannot keep calm…I will be spending time serving humanity this week …am so excited

D)I will be going to church yoooo….not that it will be my first time 🥰 but hey this girl gotta thank God for life , for new year for making my birthday week perfect ….making my plans come to live …awhooo am so greatful now …LORD THANKYOU ALWAYS.

Dot worry as I said you all are with me all along …I will blog about it all coz you my readers and I love you all ❤️…
I feel so good spending it with my community….I want to feel this gap of my birthday fantasies and I sure will TRAVEL ….coz PAULYEN NGE’NDO cannot be whole without travelling ….whoooooo❤️❤️…happy birthday to me .



Birthday squad fulfilling our birthday fantasies❤️

as long as I can remember ,I always spend my birthdays with friends, we take pictures , we always have a culture , we  have a colour theme , black, blue etc…short dresses of course..beer and drinks issa must and to top it all birthday cakes cheers to my BIRTHDAY SQUAD ….yes we are 5 birthday girls , all born in September , mega bash we do drop it like it’s hoot babe uuuuui….selfies and photoshoots all the way ,we have booze all night…all the incredible things you can imagine we’ve done them.parties with friends is the A thing ..excitement, gifts, love , matching outfits ….

September women…virgo queens


My monkey 😍

there is a feeling. Can’t explain when birthdays are spent with fam…oh my God…the mpesa texts are always from them …kwanza my mum be like , go buy yourself something you want and don’t borrow money from anybody ..never forget MAMA GAT  YOU … I love her so much .parties with fam are special….I once did a  joint party with my sister and mum bought us gifts that look alike OMG…moment unforgettable..no booze ,no short dresses no Bae but just fam relax ,chill ,go out  and laugh as we watch TV….I will def do this with them again and again.

This is so contenting.so fullfilling …I once did it and it was super cool…we chilled whole day just doing what I like …anything I ask for I was presented to邏 , I was called all cute names eiiish …we cooked and watched my fav movie then went out for a date at night ….I had to dress to kill and ofcourse I did sip wine the whole night like a queen.i was sad that he did not give me a gift but I was like nah we don’t force these things….the next day when I woke up he was already up ,watching me sleep , he gave me a quuen bracelet , a black one Plus I had to put it through my fingers …utaiita aje 😂😂, he bought me a sweatpant to wear it just for him…Gosh …..🥺
My first year  in uni birthday party he planned it for me …story of another day…tho he bought me a bracelet golden one and some shoes …blue ones ….I wish him all happiness wherever he is 🤗

I forgot to say that I surprised him with a bday cake…thanks to my girls …it was all perfect

Hello current ❤️ change this so that I can have new stories to write about birthday 😓😓😆😆😂😂❤️❤️

Let me tell you the secret , control your day, let it happen , you are the owner of your bday….am so happy today and I can’t wait to tell you how my bday with my community will be …Love you all❤️

Monkey and I joint bday party

Lord, I am happy to see the lights of this day .MY DAY .  …HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
# miss254🇰🇪
# missred
# Virgo♍queen


Miss254 birthday

How bout alone?!?!
That’s what I will be doing this birthday.It‘s still an option,Yes, I actually love it that way. Alone But once in a while with my good friends or If I happen to have a bae around.

Honestly, i like birthdays with friends more than family. As for family, i usually await their wishes nijue tu hawakusahau,😆.This yr i did spend with family, yes, i did spend one with bae alone, but friends, all the time..Well, strangers usually come at birthdays,,😆🙄. Huwa tunawaona.The only days i never take for granted are ….
1) happy new yrs
2) Christmas
3) birthdays…. Koz, its always like another chapter in life. So apart from celebrating, i realise i’m growing older, n set other goals 4 myself.N thanking God, i’m on a different level.Cake, has never missed, ata iwe ya pesa kidogo,, apart from when in highschool, (no food allowed) 🥺🙄.Mostly Mpesa txts usually come from my family. My mum sana sana, n bro,Dad oops!!!  keeps forgeting my age ata, esp when ur 18+ My friends nangoja kuona tu status,🥳🤣 yeaa!

Depends where I am… if I’m at home my family
if at work friends & bae if there is one
apparently for me I enjoy other people having the cake but personally naaah I guess the hype ilinitoka… traveling that’s a good idea I’ll adopt.

Felix Youth S:
I settle for a place with the advice of *friends*, then meet there in for NyamaChoma. Sad it doesn’t happen always but the few times I have had it. It neutralises the missed times藍 Ooh! Remind me the last I did  it in a place called Lord Egerton, I miss the music, and the carpet football.

ive never celebrated my bday btw. i just wake up,pray then go about my business

Mitchell Barack:
On my birthday I treat myself from morning. It depends,.i spend it with bae,family and friends. I love spending it with all the pple I love…Okay,In the morning I make myself heavy breakfast with cereals,then have coffee with waffles,bacon,sausage then later on i serve fruit salad or blended juice.Breakfast varies with varieties ,changes with every birthday…not the same always. Then go out with Bae or friends or family or go do shopping for myself….. It depends with where my birthday finds me…when am with family i will celebrate with them or with bae or friends.They bring the best out of me….and every year i add….I feel greatful to have them in my  Life.

I just go out after a small bash at my place,With friends mostly.With friends only.. It’s more fun ,alone is boring.. With strangers we can’t be so free your know.

Weeell😛 I haven’t celebrated any of my birthdays, I always find it like any other day, reason? IDK either I’m usually with my family or at work during my birthday, which happens to be like any other day.Maybe coz I’ve never taken it seriously, I’m always like, okay, btw today was my birthday 🙄 I guess someone should always be giving me good reasons to celebrate it.. I see people getting overwhelmed coz of a single day, I’m like wait, it’s just a day, don’t kill yourself
I do receive gifts from friends and family, I wouldn’t mind gifts but if there’s none,I wouldn’t mind either
🌝Yea don’t kill yourselves

Having a good time with my guys.friends.Depends with the state and situation im in .,Like when I was in campus I used to celebrate it with guys but nowadays its just family members who know about my birthday

Depends on my circumstances.. I spent the last one sleeping 🤣. I’ve been spending it alone.. Pengine nitaonekaniwa in future ,with friends only… This one

mostly I go out eat some good food and drink.With my friends.yes I have, I prefer some few friends and family. (the close ones) Lazima nikunywe kapombe hivi🤓no matter what.

Ahahh ok, In England we have something called birthday bumps where you hold the birthday person by their arms and legs and throw them up and down in the air, the number of times you do it for their age
[Though personally I don’t normally do that
My favourite weird tradition that some people in my family do is that when the birthday person first cuts the birthday cake they have to hold the knife upside down, put their foot on the table and when the knife gets to the bottom everyone has to scream: Would love to show you some of the places I’ve been to !normally I’d spend my birthday cooking and eating lots of my favourite foods and then drinking and dancing with my friends!

.  Family.Buroffcos.They’re the ones available mostly & make the moments even more memorable

Ken Ramah
Woi mimi I don’t celebrate birthdays at all. What’s your favorite public holiday , I don’t have any🙄🥺I just like any that falls on a Fri or Monday so that I have a long weekend. But there’s no favorite one.  Some of us never celebrate bdays😆
We are there. We exist

C.Why ???….. Do you have a bday culture ??.No…Just With friends and family..that’s all.

Dante Davin
Ok first I always like it when I start my birthday with reflection how the journey has been and thanking 🙏GOD for the same..it’s never easy. Then share the love with  those close to me at that particular day haha kupewa kupewa for those who use  yoh.
2. Mostly few family  members (carefully selected).
Friends at large 🥰🤗
3 .Most of the time my birthday comes up when I’m not near   my family members. But they do send in wishes and they do alot of posting as well so never spent with family I will say
But mostly I do spent with my BAE 💖and friends.
I do prefer spending with BAE and FRIENDS  of course no family no burning of photo…

You all own my heart

Tasha 001
Usually my dad takes me out for a treat .I don’t do parties.Hakuna pombe😔😔😆.He invited me out for lunch mostly at a nice place then just dress well like descent

I rarely spend / celebrate my birthday,,,
I celebrated my birthday during my second yr in campus
2.with friends
3i only spent it only with my friends,, never spent it with family or bae
3a]with family though I hv never

Hannah Siz:
I normally go out to eat with my family and then got out to the club with my friends . friends and family. idk probably my friends they
separately then I get more birthday 🎂 and i usually plan an idea but then see what happens

: Strangers looks weird but   would be mad fun tho
I don’t I would like to celebrate even alone at some point in life just absorb everything in my life at that particular moment and day
Just me on my own on a beach or a balcony where I can clear my head and just absorb it all …my life..The story

With friends only..but bae akuwe 😂 though parties are good withOUT bae🙈😆
2. Last year’s I spent with friends and family, 2018 with bae only, 2017 alone🥳, 2016 with friends pale narok💖I baked the cake and we danced all night in our kahouse. I’ll spend it according to situation. With friends and money, I fall a parte🎂..no money, spend some time out with bae☺️

Tomorrow is my birthday

Beka Becca
With friends and bae
Mostly my family suprise me kama nko home..They do all the planning

1&2. I dont have a birthday celebration culture yet
3. I have celebrated with friends bt this time i’ll celebrate with my family only coz am home.okay.. I plan for birthdays when I have enough money to hold a party.

My birthday ahm
😛I get soaked with water,courtesy of family and friends ,coz it’s a *birth* day riiighttssoooooo water passes me to my next year
And then comes my favourite part cake
I have a sweet tooth,+ze drinks,n the birthday song,as people sing.most times am with my family juu mara nyingi mi hukua home
😆😆Lakini 3
Msee🥺cjai Pata chance ya kucelebrate na bae

1.like any other normal day
2.no one😔
3.ulisahau kueka solo🙄

Bro love❤️❤️❤️
Eating heavily issa must booze jioni cause lazima nitaoshwa 😆
2. My family and friends.
3. a, b, and c. For choice d akikuja na one of the other choices…karibu sana…nitamjua kabla anijue 😛

1. I don’t really spend much on my birthday but smile the whole day and be happy, because it mostly gets me at work, so when I get home in the evening,, I’m tired and just need to sleep
But what I must do ,is pray and thank God for another year,,
2. For last two years I’ve spend my birthday with my boo梁
[ 3.with family,,,, and family is all who care about me:parents,siblings,friends and bae,, coz yeah bae is family already

I mean it💫💖

Ben Bella
.i spend my birthday with full of surprises from friends
2.i spend with Friends and families
3.Bae Sina..bado nko single😥

1.often i’ll prefer going out with family to have a times out together.
It gives me happiness and soul satisfaction.
Buying a cake for birthday and having a small party is also cool for me though I rarely go for that. All in all either way is awesome for me.

I don’t usually hold a  party..lakini i spend time with my family members ….that’s birthday to me😂

Faith love
Heeey lady.. Its Faith here and hope you good! As for me during my birthday I do make it beautiful by treating myself🥰 I mean I make sure you that I buy myself a beautiful thing that will live to be a memory and on that day too, I make I reach out to all my friends to know how they are doing.  That is what makes me happy..
Concerning whom I do spend it with, I do with my friends, family and bae.. Bae has been so loving on this day that he makes sure that there is a party for me and that’s where I invite all my friends and as for my family they always treat me so well🤓
If I was asked , I would prefer spending my birthday with bae….His presence alone makes me feel like a queen…he is the best thing that I got🤗

If I had to choose it would definitely be B

1. I spend my birthday eating a lot of junk and responding to birthday wishes
2. By myself
3.I have spent it with family and it was terrible😂😂,I prefer with friends

: I kinda believe, it’s a day to medidate.Thank the universe for a plus one.Like it’s my day, and no one can make it better than me
Think of resolutions, stuff to heal from, great habits to pic up from
Compare other years and conclude on what you want your new year to look like

You made my birthday unforgettable


Miss254🇰🇪 proud September woman ♍

My birthday is this month, I can’t keep calm . Virgo Queen ♍..date 17th please be kind and bring my money with you .no more frontin😂,jokes aside ….am so excited ,let me share these three sides of a virgo queen.


I think I have mentioned this before: I am half introvert .Few people know this personality of mine because they judge the book by its cover ,I mean ,when we meet first impression is this girl can talk ,she can laugh ,she never shut up .hands up ,I agree this is me , totally, 108% hehe but take time , relax ,there is more than meets the eye darling.I love quiet places, get aways , my room , me and movie dates , music dates, silence in a car when Bae is driving, in bed with my legs up on the wall yeeees thats where I feed my introvert self.its so greedy such that I have to balance being in public and being by myself.Darlings,I do shut up when I want to , when vibes are good I will be quiet just to reminise how sweet the feeling is , when vibes are bad I shut up just to avoid drama 😂 find my peace you know 😢.I love surprising those I love ( friends and boyfriend’s ) visits , unplanned trips that I take charge , trying to cook their fav dish but it fails 😂, gifts kwanza to and from bae ,damn I love this shit, twinning with bae and friends kwanza bestfriend hairstyles and dresses hehe….I am a community developer by profession this tells you that this girl gat something for society , serving humanity at no cost aww she soooo sweeet, well, I know I am and I love that this ambiverted personality allows me to be me the quiet and sweet September born woman.


No doubt I talk they laugh ,it still shocks me when they laugh and they pat me on my back and say Miss254 you are funny .woi 🤗 am I funny ….Time to confess ..I love it when they say I am funny. I live in the moment and darling my moments are ever full of jokes , loves, food , selfies , innocent flirty comments , music and dancing plus me shutting up 😂 preparing to blog about it …I LOVE MY LIFE .. okey sorry back to me being funny , trust me I won’t see something that I can laugh about and laugh alone ,no f way , even in toilets , meetings I always see the funny bit of everything haha am laughing now the person who suffers is the one sitting next to me (Hello SUE kumbuka ngong hills … We were even laughing at how food is being served , we were the loudest 😂…I miss her my roomie for three days akiiii)…they say September babes are perves ,si sorry not sorry , we are not PERVERTS shame on you who said so , we are just funny and see EVERYTHING in a twisted manner…you get it now ???….this makes us crazy , well me CRAZY is ma middle name ,but tbh I never realise I am crazy untill everybody I meet says so ….Gosh I am just a normal girl living her normal life ….okey babes to be HONESTLY TELL ME …is dancing anywhere anytime crazy?….is eating all the time crazy?….is being excited coz of nothing crazy ?…is hating public life while being in public crazy ?…is laughing to tears crazy ?….is speaking your mind out crazy??… Is having your bed covers and sheets all bloody RED crazy???…..is taking million selfies with an homeless kid in children’s home and promising her to come back one day and adopt her ,then you both cry together crazy?….is dreaming that one day ….okey am done😥….funny and crazy….that’s me babes and I embrace with all my energy 😂


No lie , September women are a stay far threat ….I am one I know what I am talking about.

Gosh this is the ugly side.this is me that I hide in the shades of my mistakes .the grave that i dug and buried all the ugly me .Damn,it’s so hard to talk about it but I will write it so that one day it can inspire somebody out there.okey I will only talk about one but one day I will write down a letter to my daughters and sons , a word to my husband , a sit down talk with my friends and a thankyou basket to my strangers , they mine, coz we met we talked and never met again…thankyou strangers .I owe you that book that I will write , well,someday…….

sooo I hate myself when I am angry ….the truth is that I have bit of anger issues but it happens once in five years especially in my romantic relationships I realized that i can commit murder during my past romantic relationship when it wronged me , I took a knife and …..(am not doing this ,sorry miss254 readers …this story I will tell someday with his consent of course) .
On a lighter note, peer pressure, young life, campus girl
( Fresha😂)… so I used to be a tobacco addict.i was addicted to cigarettes the flavoured one ehne enhe …now you get the type I am taking about ….my second year and third year of my uni life gat me hiding from my then boyfriend
He hated to see me smoking damn I hated it either but I kept on smoking , I had a gang of guys who we would meet and smoke till the air changes to white …..Everytime I went out with my girlfriend’s , you see dressed in those short black dresses ,the first thing I would look for was SMOKING ZONE….😢 Don’t judge am not proud , as my girls used to make washroom besties damn I was all high making smoking besties ….( But they were hilarious truefriends) …the best moments was when I would see a girl smoking and that would make two girls out of 10 dudes….IT WAS CRAZY…. it became my weakness, I could not do without a cigar, my day would be blur or shaking shaking all the times , I did not do well with me hiding from my boyfriend , he realized that I was on that smoking habit again…he and my friends took an action , they took out and threw away all my stock , I was angry of course ,but my ex bae talked sense into me , he tried to convince me that these cigarettes will make me infertile…he used to spend almost every time with me because free time would mean going to look for my smoking besties and share one two 😢….he did all he could , he calmed my morning downs with talks , cold water and activities to accupy my mind as they say empty mind is devil’s workshop….to make long story short …I went on rehab, yes , my friends and my ex man became my rehab, nothing but good vibes, much love and a lot of tea( chai maji) to forget the pipe ….I recovered yes …from addiction to telling my story ….now I am healthy healthy , we joke with them kwanza kwa point ya if you don’t stop smoking you will never be a mom…this was a hard slap ..but I made it all thanks to the Grace of my Heavenly father.My ugly story,I told it out today ….I never want my children to know about their moms past but when they became of age I will tell them , they need to learn from a real life story.My story .

September woman never allows people to see their this side , temper issues , drama , weaknesses, troubles, but we’ll i love telling this story to educate ,to tell my story .

September babes

Happy birthday month to me
Happy September woman to me



Facilitating sexual reproductive health ,Eastern Kenya,mavindini CTTI🇰🇪🙏❤️

Time to tell the truth
Time to be honest
Time to be brave & let it all out
Time to share it all with you

It’s not secret anymore
It’s not personal anymore
It’s not mine to keep anymore
It’s not my words anymore

Are you scared?
Are you ready?
Are you sure you will handle all?
Are you gonna judge me after this?

Miss254 readers
I am the girl
A lady ,a queen, an empress
Time to take your take

This girl , me 💫

I am this girl
Who is always ready to serve humanity
Who is selfless even when it’s not her call
Whose prayers are to develop her community
Whose name  means humble ,she never talks back
Who is kind to  all mankind
Who is prepared to loose in a battlefield for humankind not to suffer

Who has one million billion hundred trillion friends
Friends of Friends her her friends of her other friends 
This girls has near friends and furthered friends
Close friends and closest friends

She know almost everyone
She likes it
She is a girl for the people
Her communication skills are on the tops

A girl who gat enemies closer and friends close
A girl who always priorities other people needs and curves her needs
A girl who is not a call away but a simple TEXT away
A girl who shows up almost immediately when needed to give her help
Lord , she even shows up when not needed

But the stomach aching  part
The bit that pains
Is that this girl prefers to Stay alone ,almost all times
Introvert at heart is who she is
This girls battles her struggles alone
Don’t get twisted  ,she is of ambivert personality,she loves people but saying the words “HELP ME ” is a no no no for her
Oh this girl😢
Struggles alone
Battles alone
Cries alone
              BUT STILL
this girl runs  to help when someone needs her
She get happiness from serving, helping and making struggles vanish
She smiles when everything is smooth
She is happy when that stranger that she has helped smiles
a wide smile 🤗

Damn, with all honesty ,I love this girl , I love being this girl.

I have never been stressed because of being THIS GIRL rather it brings me hope of a better society and whole satisfaction of being THIS GIRL .Miss254🇰🇪🙏


She knew that IN THE DARK is not where he belonged😔

I….i …i….baby, I will stand here but all I want is to be there by your side .sitting beside you , eating beside you , sleeping beside you , having a family with you like Ruth,I want your people to be my people baby, whenever you will go I will go ..baby …i…i……

I….i..I thought you were my Adam, I thought you were my fairytale , like  in cinderella story , I thought you were my prince and I your princess .baby I…i..I thought you were my dream when I am not sleeping.

Hey, I wish you could have told me that you were never coming back, you should have not have made me the woman of your dreams, 10 years down with 5 kids ,I believed you were my soulmate ..I never wanted to share you with anyone but now look ,I am broken and it’s all because of you hubby .

My husband of 10 years , a whole decade , am never giving up,I will fight for you Daddy, your kids needs a father and me I want my husband back…by force by fire ,I will make them all tables turn.i never give up.

All what I am left  with is what used to be a once upon a song , a you and me , a damn history of you and me ,it has been weeks I have not seen you and before fullmoon I know you will be mine again.

Now I can’t tell my confused feeling what I feel,  hubby , am lost I don’t know the truth anymore cause I once like the view that was once ME AND YOU…to say you want to come back but with condition we renew our marriage vows.but DADDY HUBBY, you forget we are not the same no more.we are diffrent .but I like it because TOGETHER IS WHERE WE BELONG.

hubby daddy,it’s just a matter of time till we learn to fly again, all is not lost.hubby, don’t close your eyes yet…coz to ♾️ infinity is where we belong you know

you came back , to us ,to.
me ,finally you came back home….we on our second honeymoon, you said you LOVE  me , I   closed my eyes and turned away…,…..IN THE DARK is is not where I belong

           Tears on ma eyes , smile on       ma lips ..❤️HUBBY,I STILL LOVE YOU❤️



✓a place where I still have the same friends that I grew up with

✓ A place where friends always belong

✓a place where laughter never ends

✓ A place where fake love is not a thing 

✓ A place where memories are always created

✓ A place where I still gat the same places that I used to go when I was younger

✓ A place where water never tastes wierd

✓ A place where chasing sunsets and waking to Sundowns is a thingie

✓A place where prayers is our wealth

   Yes ,that’s why I am proud to say that , back at home ,we move as whole .HOME SWEET HOME.where my heart is ,still very proud to call Kirinyaga , kerugoya and Narok
           . HOME.


Hey you , why don’t you just sit down and LISTEN TO ME ,…my story by MISS254STORIES 🇰🇪😘

Covid 19


Corona virus

Hello everybody, am back , it me paulyen  miss254🇰🇪,this story is to the  people who always judge,conclude ,assume without asking , without knowing the truth they have their own conclusions ,you know what SHAME ON YOU  man,woman…so before concluding ask ask ask ask…I repeat ASK….you will always get an answer ….this is my story, before you rumour around LISTEN  TO ME

ask me and I will answer ….talk me down sit and listen to me .

Hela I am Becky paulyen ,a simple  girl,a super  woman on the make ,I origin from the central part of Kenya 🇰🇪 ,I live in the Southern -Rift part of kenya, a church girl , a bit old fashioned ,jovial and smiley , I love dancing, passionate about my community, my fav dish is rice , I love talking about Relationships and Sex Education SRH because youths ,girls and women are my passion( that’s my home )  coz they my story I  just wanna empower them ( dreams)…rice and beans is my fav dish, I love my life because I live my truth ,in short I DO ME coz I believe in me.
..sorry not sorry!!!!now that  you know a lil bit bout me listen to my story

🎶I never struggle to fit in , I do me ,I don’t care 🎶

  before the pandemic hit us hard and disorganised our what we called normal lives I was on a mission to do me ,that is pray hard, grind hard ,have fun and settle with my  soulmate , no lie I miss that flow you know ,but poops!!! Here I am in a four walled room with my journal and pen ready to give you this story , oh yea oh yea , I sure do love this  no lie


” Hey mum,please pass me the pan”, I was in my Mama’s kitchen. ready to prepare some saunted bananas for the family dinner, my favorite song playing from my phone


🎶You put your hands on my waist and then you pull me cloooose ,boy i promise I won’t let go …..can’t shake you off baby am stuck glue , one touch it’s all I want , Do you think about us woooo coz COZ I DO , think about YOU 🎶

I was sure in my feelings , good feelings i guess coz my hands were on the air the moment the song hit the chorus

🎶Do you think about uuuuuuuuuus ,coz I do think about you 🎶🎵
( Song by little mix , Think about us )

My mum was all stares as i used the knife and pretend that it was a microphone then my voice was all high

” Girl , I said you trouble , who you thinking about tho ?”my mum asked in her all smiles

Loves , how am I supposed to answer this question ?,so I ignored and continued cooking whooo!!!
.I went to my music library and changed the music to avoid questions that I had no answers to ( I am a music girl if you have not noticed )

Next song by. Band Becca , Cheza nami, my Kenyan fav girl band ohooooo

🎶🎵Cheza nami,Dance with me, all I want is him around me,you know what I mean,boy ,you should give me a title, make me your trophy your idol better yet your wifey ,  we will never be solid ,night and day I will make you feel amazing ,no worries coz we gat nothing but trust ,when you hold my hand ,boy I just want you to know ……

wow no lie I was kinda feeling a feeling that I can’t describe oooo….my mum was all wide mouth ….she looked shocked , surprised …I couldn’t tell damn….what gat me man ? the songs clearly  ment that I was thinking about a man and I was kinda feeling alone I needed him by my side….oh fucked up I was

“Nge’ndo …?……see she used my second name ….things are about to get hot …I have some explanation to do , before I could respond to her and capture the moment …oooooh my phone lit up indicating I had a new text message ….it popped up on my screen

*Message* * hey beautiful, can’t wait to see you , I miss you .xoxo*

My mum was staring directly at my phone , yes, she saw the text ” oh wow” she said inquisitively

Clap clap 👏👏 ” yes girl ,speak up ” …this was my loud mouthed friend, sister, cousin, bloody …her name is SLY .she was smiling hard and all screamy and jumping as she entered the kitchen , guess what !.she went direct to the fridge taking out some milk direct to her mouth smh

I closed the fridge door and paused the music as I leaned in my Mama’s kitchen counter in a posture that suggests power and disgust at the same time ..I was like yes I wona tell them who that guy is but why do they wona know so much haven’t they heard that the sixth common Sense is MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS 😉.well, now I believe common sense ain’t that common,right?

Before I could answer, they were on It again ,million questions, who is my son in law paulyen?…..sis, who is the lucky man??? They gat me  smiling tho so I can imagine all this bung is coz they care and love me much…FAM NUMBER ONE ALWAYS ❤️

“Oh girls !!…” I sighed
” Damn bloody, mama !…whose business we minding now ?..mines or stomach’s?…if you two ain’t hungry me and Monkey ( my small sister) we have  minyoo to kill  oooh we need food like now now ”
We can cook as we talk ” they both said in unison..
” Whoever he is , he is lucky to finally chain our girl , I thought you would forever be Auntie wa harrier , coming to my baby shower all drunk ” …sly said as they did a high-5 with my mama

“Whoever he is he could come home for dinner and do greet and meet ,say hello ,your family don’t bite ,tell him that my baby girl ” my mother added as she smiled hard

” Shut up you two already ….keep your gossips to yourselves, and yes I will tell you my story ….LISTEN TO ME  okey ?

“Okey girl “…they both said
Sitting down on our dinner chairs

Listen I am just off campus and I think getting married is not what I want right now ,  the thing is it’s a battle between  the woman in me who  wants to have a husband and kids already and the girl in me who  wants to achieve her dreams  and live her life with no regrets ..yes mama, being a mother  as half as you are to us will be a blessing to me ,You the best ..and I want to achieve that already …but what I can do now is balance the two in a way only I myself know how  it gonna work fo me .so mum , sissy,that text that you have seen it’s from the man , the maaan ( smile)…my man ..I  have been dating him for a while now .He is my friend too but the he thing is i have not seen him for close to 7 months now coz of the pandemic and distance .tbh it’s killing me ( tears )

Ha ha ha ….I heard they call it corona virus relationship .oh ! Look at me am chained to that rhythm ..{we all laughed }
Mama,7 months of phone dating , so you see I am only in my early twenties and darlings I ain’t cuffed up for stack season
“Is he a baller or a dealer , and why ain’t you cuffed yet?..” my ass of a cousin asked

*Dealer* you guys mad …I don’t do drugs dealers ..
*Baller* I never ever do middle aged men … but awhooo  honestly my bae gat brains of a baller ,I like that about him
*Cuffed * you people are you strangers or family? It’s like you know no story of me with dating you know ion rock like that. Last time when  I did that date ting I got took out of the game back in uni .unlike you cousin I like to GET UP and  GO, I can have that family shit on the way .I do work for me and that family I want another day plus me and my EX both ain’t  have no common sense….that dude calls me at the middle if the night to tell me that he has been involved in a car accident and the dump me go all the way to show sympathy jus for him to  confess to   me that    he has  been playing my mind and wanted to just talk to me

Dude gat me wishing him happy Father’s day .WE CRAZY.its toxic ,I hate it , it’s like chains I can’t get myself out of it …but untill I get my self out of that hole ,I ain’t lie to any other nigga but when I met this babe of mine ( my current  bf)…this nigga texting me right now gat common sense and he is installing that  to me everyday of our dating time . He is my human for real , Mama , Western Kenya is where your son-in-law hails from .but we both not official yet  but I love how FREED FROM DESIRE WE ARE ,MIND AND SENSES PURIFIED .FREEDOM( this point Iwas literally screaming).You all satisfied now ?”

“Wow , what a script you have preached sis.you great haha ” sly said raising her hands up in the air like she was surrendering or something ” sissy , I understand you had a hell and back game with that human- demon you call your Ex boyfriend .I understand aha.i gat you sis . DO YOU MAMA” she said hugging me .that’s how cool my cous is .

But if you have to judge me …let it be beautiful🤗

My mama was still shocked-surprised from my speech.I looked at her and laughed “Mum” look at your face ” …we all laughed ..listen mama.,.I said hugging her and playing with her hair ..”mummy, ., I know am talking shit damn I feel like a motivational speaker now , sly here knows all my story , she knows my Baby Daddy ( my ex).haha we call him OLD NEWS 💔 , mami , we all loved him for me  but nobody likes him now , he a playa , and I was a bitch to him, we harmed each other while still in love…we were stupid and young but see now mum, he made me a MOM,…he made you a GRANNY…i made him a DADDY….what is more to love than that 🤗..our son baby T , he adores and cares for him ,he really plays his role of a father very well and we all thank him for that .even if I hate him, I can’t forget the love I have for him and the gift he gave me out of it ,a son , BABY T.   ..that’s our little poodey❤️🥳

But I regret Mistakes that are now permanent in our lives….I remember when I was in uni and i moved in with him , the dude gat me crazy in love or shit , I kept lying to you mum just to keep up with the life of parte after parte🍹🍾🍷🥃🍻🍺he called me a BITCH and I called him a WHORE…toxic relation i did not realize but the day he said to me  that ” YOU A CRAZY BITCH WITH CRAZY FRIENDS, GO BACK TO CHURCH AND REPENT ..YOU EXACTLY LIKE YOUR SECOND MUM(mum Jackie in narok)…….wow wow wow…this statement opened my bolts of craziness…I went mad ,it hit me hard.it hit me home .a hard slap it was .it woke me up to reality .it was the cause of our relationship end

I felt empty,I felt sorry .but what is said is said …watu Wangu  tulichapana fight na huyu msee weee

” He was fed up ,I was fed up .but still we did not want to end our relationship or it was situations hip.4 years love. Aha , we did put a show. We acted love , we played each other ,i became really good in playing  love games waaa i pity maself…I was a demon in the making …he changed for worse …drugs and women became his portion but when night came we still found ourselves in each other’s arms …funny stupid shit 😓

Still broken , but still in love , we played house , went for dates, party’s and church , he supported my dreams and would come to my shows when I am hosting shows ( Mcee)… We still adored each other , but respect and  loyalty  was all gone …long time gone ..but somebody say ameeeeen!!  Coz… I still had not forgotten about his words …WORDS…that’s my first LOVE LANGUAGE….that’s why when it comes to a girl like me ,be careful with words, a small joke can be an insult to me  smh …and to revenge….yes yes yes …those days a used to be a REDHEAD. And I was a REVENGE GIRL…AHA AHA..!!!!we had a small argument ( 2019)… We fought , literally fighting …mangumi msee  😳🤜..I drowned all my bitterness .my last words to him were bitter, revengeful .( Oh boy)….” LISTEN ,YOU BITCH NIGGAH , YOU CAN BE ANYTHING ELSE BUT NOT LIKE YOUR DAD ,YOU LOSER!!!!”

Damn, I really did hit the ugly painful spot for real I did believe in revenge , tit for tat , the fair game  and at that moment I felt good , he was crying like a baby ( his dad gat two wives ,so I told him to basically be anything else but  not polygamous …,he loved his dad so much, he cried not because of anything but coz of pain of words that came from the woman he loved ).I was stupid . We parted ways .an ugly break up followed ..oh hell, it was hell hell hell…you get me   …but sis, mama, later the year end  2019 , we realized we was stupid ,we used our parents as a pathetic excuse for our pitiful broken relationship …

One year later , 2020, we forgave each other and decided on  co-parenting.yes, I do still love
Him as the  father to our baby son.haha , he is funny and silly ,and he swore to put another baby inside me .a daughter to be precise.but there is no way I am letting him do that .I gat myself a treasure,a cool nigga , a bae and sweetheart, my current bf, he loves my son as his , he is a good step dad to baby T ..see,I gat nothing to lose ??!….I played all my cards right 🙏

” My daughter you have gone through so much for your age , NOW I KNOW YOUR STORY., you a fighter , a super mom , a super woman , a super daughter , never loose the grip , you just like me , I love you honey “…she hugged me crying

” It’s okey mama, I love sharing my stories and now that you two know my story , you now know who texted and why ,never conclude , and I am happy you asked  and am grateful you did LISTEN TO ME …


                ❤️ BYE🇰🇪


But until I find my shades of colours , and have them 7 like a rainbow , I will keep on trying, i will keep on bending , I will keep on loving ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

It is always hard to find out that a person you once considered a great friend , a best friend , a lover  has completely turned their back on you .life is full of surprises some good , some bad, but from my own experience the bad ones never seem to get easier but I have learn that , we all should learn to expect it , learn from it and MOVE ON.

My people , at some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening .life has many ways of testing a person’s will either by  having everything that happens at once or having nothing happen at all

Sometimes  good people make bad choices but it does not mean that they are bad persons !!…..it simply means that they are human example of a church girl getting pregnant…oh lord! The societal judgment,they make fun of her …why! …is it because she is not a girl enough to get pregnant !!!, Is it because she messed up ….. Or you society is holier than thou???!!! 💔😏..even God in the Bible tells us not to Judge others. …Fudge !..ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US…but untill the society understands this stigmatization will still burden our hearts forever 😭

We all humans, we have flaws, we make mistakes ……we made of flesh and blood …..you Gerrit?…so don’t judge me when you see me living my life on my own conditions
Lately , I have been having ME TIME  alot ( quarantining , staying at home )….I have been thinking about so many things but in all those things my love life is my meeting agenda number one….of course I love love …so I have been thinking of who I want to love and why I want to love them , why I want to love the way I want to be loved,….from campus love to  off uni love so many changes involved trust me it’s a hot seat for most of us all.i have been thinking of what I need to become  so as to be the kind of lover I wona be .

When I break it a down , when I whittle it into a single breath ,it essentially comes out like this :
{Before I die, yes me Pauline Miss254 , I want to be someone’s favourite hiding place , the place where they can put everything they know they need to survive  every secret , every solitude , every prayer and be absolutely certain that I will keep it safe .I will keep it safe , yes very safe
Before I leave this life , I want to find the love for me, my human, my cute and sweet that soulmate who has been waiting for me , to share a home  and become each other forevers }

That picture perfect is drawn In my mind and I know in real world things are so different ( vitu kwa grao ni diffrent yo)

But this is my bitter truth

My people, have you ever been in love?sweet right ??….incredible right ?…stressing right?….it makes you so vulnerable.it opens up your chest and it opens up your heart this means that someone can get inside you and MESS you up .you build up a whole suit of armor so that nothing can hurt you , then one stupid person no different from any other stupid person( ex gf , ex bf) wanders into your STUPID life .you give them a piece of YOU .a piece that they did not ask for  but because you are in love you become stupid give all and not leave a lil bit to yourself.a lil insanity.and here is where we all go wrong ….well ,here I where I go wrong , am a fool when it comes to love am hopeless stupid cute  romantic

Hunny, You let them all in , step you like grass , light you up like firewood and leave you burning like wilderness fire , that shit gat no control ..and WHY, just because they did something dump one day , one evening he gave you a kiss in open when it was raining ( I love this bend🏂🏻).or all they did was smile at you  when in a group of male friends , he had your attention( I dream too much 🧚) then from that MOMENT your life isn’t your own anymore.

Love takes hostages ,it gets inside you and eats you out and make you end up crying in the darkness( I have never cried coz of romantic love and hell I don want to woi…but I have cried coz I felt stupid of my own damn  mistakes I did when I was in love ….Hello hard  lessons ,we already moved on)… only pillow know your pains

so simple like a phrase ” I think we should just be friends” turns  a glass splinter working its way into your heart , not just in your imagination , not just in your mind it’s a SOUL HURT  … a real gets …inside…you..and….rips…you …apart..pain💔

But no matter how messy it gets , how worse it can go , now I take control , MY FIRST, MY EX  and MY CURRENT boyfriend’s  have taught a loooot , I am a girl in class, the class of love , I took lessons , am taking lessons still ,but hey  listen y’all, love your babes  the way you  know best , how you  feel it , HEART, SOUL &MIND they three makes decision,  and that’s what we all gonna do , , love real, love hard , loyalty respect , love and happiness is the key, don’t make mistakes  but learn communicate , don’t hate love , love it when it pure and from the real person don’t make mistakes I did ( story of another day )…..this is her  SOUL- HURT STORY ….this is a BREAK UP AND NOT MAKE UP  song 💔

.but when its pure it real , it’s true ❤️
don’t know about forever , me and him but the word forever seem overrated ,let’s live for now

am done with soul hurt , rip heart songs ….are you ?

.HEEEEY MY READERS, Have fun as you read , hope you learn and get inspired from this story, may not have happened to me , or a person close to me , but I feel you that why I write your story , I love you , your girl Miss254..till next story date , it’s a goodbye ❤️)

The unspoken, SOUL HURT🥺


That someday🤗🤩

One day as I was walking from job
Pacing up and down
breathing heavily
  not to be late to reach home,
  that was the day I met you

As I was crossing the road
You joined me
We crossed together
How was I to know
That you are the one for me

As I looked at you
And You stared  back at me
You were a stranger to me
I gave you a hand to shake
And I rushed off.

It was this time
When I looked behind
And saw you checking me out
I smiled and you smiled back
We were flirting ,I dint know
For sure you never gave up on me

It was at this time
That I stopped for a while to admire your smile
You came bouncing bouncing towards me
For sure you had me at ‘ HELLO ‘
that was the day I knew your name.

We talked and shared a lot
Damn,your humor and your jokes
Brought me to your hands with double force
How was I to know
That this is LOVE

As day passed by , we went to hotels
I ate to my fullest no lie
We went to cinemas
I laughed to my bone cracking
I was all high

As they say
I was afraid of heights till I got high
Well, I was afraid of love till I met you , till you came my way
Yes , you are the one for me

Years later
As I sit down beside you in our house and look at everything we have together
Our mansion, our cars , our kids , our businesses, our planes, our happiness, our love , our smol family , our marriage I say 

( This piece I wrote when I was in highschool, in 2014 , to my then boyfriend , Who was from our brother school❤️😂….shout out to you DENNIS )


When I broke her heart , it broke mine too💔

Her hair as bright as the morning sun
Her skin ,oily and smooth ,shiny as gold , her eyes brown ,her hair thick black ,she is a pure African woman, I watch her

Her chest rapidly move up and down as she leans up against the wall next to the window , somewhere in New York ,at this highest building ,just she and me

Her gaze upon me .i try to evade her digging eyes and look past her , the beauty of the city .I take in

The city look beautiful ,the girl infront of me looks incredible ,almost too incredible ,My eyes can’t get away from her .she has grown so much .she is not the vulnerable 22 years old girl that I left behind .Oh God.i can see the change in her ,she has changed almost in all aspects .Today ,when I met her at the Newyork states  theatre .I was just taking my current girlfriend for a stage act show , DEVILS DECOY  was the main play ,to be honest I was eager to know what it’s all about , shock on me ,I had no idea what fate had prepared for me .During the show , I was sure ,so sure that I recognized the main character of the devil’s decoy play, something about her reminded me of my past life , I was sure I recognized her outmost Angelic face ,with her long curly thick  black African hair, now dyed red ,…funny ,she had the same name I called my ex – girlfriend , her stage name MISS254 …. everything about her seemed familiar but when she said ” its your girl Miss254 , her smile….it sure did take a while to process who she was ….

She , she. Is my life …..my destiny , the girl I left behind , back at home , Kenya , tears on my eyes , I could not believe it , I had to talk to her ..no way ,is this fate?

The way she looked at me , her large sexy  brown eyes wide  with so many mixed emotions .Damn, I almost died on the spot

I could see pain

My redhead woman

My Pauline ,Miss 254

The way her body moved uncomfortably after our eyes met ,for real I could feel the pain ,world , I nearly died on the spot.her eyes locked to mine , I felt home , she …!!…she …..,the pain she had for me was written all over her face

I could see her tears , I could feel her pain

Her tears took me back to almost 6 years ago , when I left my land Kenya , when I left the love of my life paulyen.the worst is , I left without saying Goodbye .A jerk I was , I knew for real I will always regret it all my life but I had REASONS , reasons to leave , look world, her protection came first , go ahead , say I am cruel but my heart still beats for her , my Kenyan jewel , my Motherland daughter ,she will always be MY FOREVER.

watching her on the stage today when she was doing what she does best is almost angelic.she was so flawless and has always been .she was my girlfriend for 4 years of University,she is the  Queen of my campus life ..the after life campus is what fucked us up …fucked me more to a point I left,story of another day but this here is the QUEEN OF MY HEART., today I feel like I have just met her for the first time ,taking every curve of her , damn she is blessed at all right places , like a Coca-Cola I will always be thirsty and wona taste the feeling , her feeling , I wona touch her so much  , lord! …am I obsessed , am crying , my heart is at 110 beat per sec , am horny …see what this girl doing to me  today  …..she is UNFORGETTABLE….

She looks equisite and now she is doing what she loves doing, she really did chase her dreams .Acting.i remember when she told me that she will act the story of my life , it was a joke and we always laughed about it now look she is a star Actress and to her I will forever be the guy behind the curtains.

It has been 6 years guys .I haven’t seen her face , 6 years…it feels like it’s 20 years or a whole lifetime .I refuse to look her up on her  social media,I am happy here .I love my life here atleast I think so .. .few of you will understand this ,am an idiot they all called me so ….but listen to my story first before you judge me , but if you have  to judge me , let it be beautiful.

I have a girlfriend here .it feels so good to have someone who treasures you so much , you get me ??!… but today when i saw her , when I watched her perform ,it struck a nerve that  I  had began to bury deep inside me .That scares me to death  because it took me so long to love and accept what I have here, took me lotsa time to get over her ,Pauline Miss254. ,My girl, future mum to my kids ..but look at at me now ,she is right infront of me and to be honest ,I don’t know if my mind ,body and soul will allow me to let her go.am a sucker for her , she is my love story.i don’t want to imagine what will happen when she leave .my heart never want her  to leave here .I am officially doomed .( am not proud)

You know why I left, I left  , to protect her  from any danger and heart aches , I left to give her space for her to live her life because if I did not , she would never be free , free from me ,free to be who she is now, I left to Know who I am , to discover what I can , my potential because if I stayed she would be comma, fullstop and the end , I would never let her be her , she would be like in prison , I left to watch her be who she is today without me , to congratulate her from far and not suck her up by blocking all her blessings , I left because if I stayed she would be a mum of two kids ,now , don’t laugh , !!??? Damn have you seen this girl , she is a stunner , my flashlight , my star , and if I stayed I would have impregnated her either if she  it or not , I left to change , I was becoming an addict of drugs and women, ask why I cheated on her yet I love ,loved her this much ,I don’t know …..I was confused , seeing her smile to her classmate boys ,it would really kill me , I tried  to adjust and understand that she is a girl with a kind heart and everybody loved being near her ,….it was toxic, I was toxic,..I was bad for her , it reached a point I wanted to be physically violent with her , I was a fool and I did tell my boys that she belonged to me and no one else ….I was fucked up …..I was a mess ….and after campus when she tried to move on with this guy called Michael ,if I remember correctly ….I messed up her relationship, ask me how ….that’s a story of another day ….damn, I was so foolish come to think of it ….but now I have learnt , I have changed …and I hope that one day she will forgive me for who I was in the past .I regret everything …..and I was a fool not to contact her sooner but hey  world ,help me beg her to  atleast  to forgive me

So  two years ago I met this girl , she is named Moraa ,. that automatically tells you that she is Kenyan , from the land of Gusii ….I am happy with her , she accepted who I was and through her I have healed , I have faced my today better that I faced my yesterday with Pauline, I have moved on ,i smile at the air when I think of my kisii girl, she moved in with me and guess what ?! I was planning to make her a mum …but today when I met my past …Pauline Miss254….this girl made me remember who I am , what I want in life and who I want it with…HER…..She is the key to my truth , she will always be my baby ( am smiling at the thought of making her real MAMA T,our first son…as we said our baby will be called when we were dating AMEN)

At the acting  stage today,now she is infront of me , in Newyork, what is fate ?!! Awhoo!!!well, I know it is ….,defination of FOREVER , meaning of INFINITY…my story of FUTURE (tears) …..now I understand them not as mere words but as feelings from my heart , …I know I will always love her ,she seems happy  now , I hope she is .Tears stream down my face, she looks so future , so bold and Bosslady ,ready to show the world who she is , she looks so refreshed …..I just can’t ruin her AGAIN. I messed up big time , yes I fucked up really hard.it will always be my life regret but having a 254 initials  tattooed on my Chest ….black and a   shade paint of RED…..I will always love and remember her My MISS254….when I look at the 254 initials I recall the  woman of my life, my life itself , I remember my country 254 that’s where she comes from, that’s where my family is , thats where my Heart is with her MISS254


   I never want to say goodbye, that’s not my intention from the beginning when I met her in September 8 ,a day after I joined campus , …….that’s not my intention to leave her after asking her to be my girlfriend on date 15 th September 2015….. ….a day before her  birthday , ( lord! Sigh)….my intention was not to leave her when I celebrated her very first uni birthday in boys hostels in campus compounds with our friends , no no no ,it’s was never my intention when I was just an innocent first year in uni when I kneeled before her just for her to forgive me …no and NEVER …..I never want to say Goodbye .

“GOODBYE DADDY T”…..GOODBYE MY FOREVER”…….those were her last words to me ….I watched her as she left…
Left me , left Newyork , left my dreams , left with my heart …left to our Motherland Kenya …left to never return ….left….

Guys , dear readers ,It’s not an illusion , it’s true , she is now gone ,  gone for good , ……my heart is  tearing apart ,I collapse on the floor ,my head between my knees .that’s when it really did hit me that  she is not the GIRL I LEFT BEHIND  but I am the BOY SHE LEFT BEHIND


this is my truth ……my nothing but the story of how i was left behind by the love of my life…..I live my truth now ….my love for her is ALWAYS and FOREVER …..

If she was here today she would have said back  …my love for you is FOREVER and ALWAYS



I pledge my loyalty to my flag💯

Everybody has a place where they were born and mine is KENYA.She is my Motherland.All my heart is in Kenya .My land, you will always stay with me ,here in my Heart 🇰🇪❤️

She reminds me of her pain , laughter , peace and home to us all in the 254. Through her 4 beautiful colours

🇰🇪black, red, green, and white with a traditional Masai shield and white spears in the center.The BLACK represents the people of Kenya, the RED represents blood, the GREEN represents natural wealth, and the WHITE represents peace. The Masai shield and spears represents the defense of freedom.🇰🇪

🇰🇪Kenya , you my pride  so proud to call you NYUMBANI….my Home 🇰🇪…forever najivunia kua mkenya …Proud to be from 254…proud to be Miss254🇰🇪💯

Even though Kenya is still a work in progress🤭…we happy of what we own, home of wonders , highland plains and Rivers ….our heritage, our culture , no one can take that from us  ( not even COVID 19😏)God continue blessing us .we pray🙏

To our founding fathers , the maumau and specifically Mzee jomo Kenyatta , we say thankyou ,pongezi kwenu mashujaa wetu, walipambana hivi Leo twasherehekea  MADARAKA …. HAPPY 57 MADARAKA DAY KENYANS🇰🇪🥂🍻

And to the whole universe ,Welcome to Kenya .Karibu nyumbani kwangu.hapa Kenya hakuna matata .karibu kenya.my pride .my love.my motherland.my254🇰🇪

🇰🇪Together as one.Together is where we belong🇰🇪

🙏🇰🇪Oh God of all creation
Bless this our land and nation
Justice be our shield and defender
May we dwell in Unity
Peace and Liberty
Plenty be found within our boarders 🙏..this we will forever pray .

God Bless Kenya 🇰🇪🙏

God bless my motherland🇰🇪


She is my heart outside my chest.my baby sister 💎💯❤️

It’s about that time the world knows  the truth bout  who has always been my motivator , that one person of the  only two persons  who  makes me  grow stronger and never give up because , they two are my world

Mama and my sister …blood sister

Yes I do have other siblings , I love them much but they my step , yes I do have girlfriends who became sister’s to me by heart  .they my friends…shout out to my BFf kababe …I love you all girlfriends .yes ,I do have boyfriend’s who became my brothers by love and by heart , am talking about you JAY  and you Mark Roy…thankyou for making me feel loved and worth a chance of being special…being your sister 🙏💎❤️💯

But today we taking about my sister , the youngest daughter of my mama…we always call her :our little one ,she is my age divide by two then subtract 4 ….what’s your answer ?…..yeeeees she is 8 years old , you see she is our little one . she is in grade 3, she my baby , my first born ..hehe loves aha aha am already a mama , future hubby now come ring me we make our second born…make me have my twins👶👶 ….Gosh 👦👧… amen to these my prayers ….okey back to my monkey , my sister , our little one , my trouble , my good trouble baby .


My good TROUBLE 😂😉


I walked through the narow path by my home , humming my fav gospel worship song one that my church worship  leader  made sure with no mistakes lead it every Sunday during the service time .a sure bet , that’s why I love it so much

” It  shall be permanent , what the Lord has done for me ,it shall be permanent”……×2

I believe in God ,don’t get it twisted 🤭

It really always  ( Jenga me )..”.build me ” ” fill me “.oh this song .I really did , do and will always love it

As I hum walked , I was smiling don’t know why but we’ll a girl’s smile always has a story  behind it, well, maybe . I saw some wildflower that I liked to pick everytime I came from my nature walks  , my mum really loves them and my sister is always at the door waiting for me excitedly, she would always snatch the flowers form my hands  and keep the safe (.ask me about that safe place I don’t know  too hehe .). Her behavior kept me thinking we’ll, she is just wild just as the wildflower( see what I did there , wink )..

I was smiling heartly , I did that 180° northwards smile .my smile tho.i was still in deep thoughts  still humming my tune when suddenly a little creature  covered in a brown sack ( gunia)  snucked up behind me .

“Missssssssssssssssss 2544444444444444444” the creature has a voice too, it   shouted in my ears , causing my eardrums to ring .I jumped in fright then raised my hands up ready  to give it a  beating . I was really really mad.

Little one!!!….monkey is that you …???….I asked confused .
She removed her gunia cover and looked at me with her puppy eyes , smiling soooo hard……awww she looked like my dream version of my future baby girl .so cute ♥️

” Monkey you scared me half to Death” ..i pretended to have a panic attack rubbing my eyes .she was so shocked and almost crying .I laughed so hard .

“Sorry sister, I just missed  you so much .Today you overstayed on your daily nature walks , I know , I know you were taking million selfies again!!!… right sissy?”…Mimi nakujua Sana ” she added so sure of herself , hands akimbo and straight face like a boss …I told you guys my baby is trouble .

” Okey monkey ,you wiiiiiin. I have taken a lot of pictures from my today’s nature walk  and you know something ( I told her this while abujubuju ing her cheeks) I promise to take you with me next time , sawa little one ?”

Her whole face lit up , she giggled so  damn hard, Gosh I melted .world , I wona be little again

(Ask why I call her 🐒 monkey ?.coz she is our little one , like a small sweet monkey animal, she sis trouble too , so cunning and soooo brave .Ever since I could remember ,she is our little one , our monkey although she is almost hitting the two digit age …I can’t wait to celebrate when my baby hits 10…wow..she knew she was our little one coz we treated her  as a princess in short we spoiled her so much  .that aside am so happy she made me a sister ….she made me a first daughter of two daughters of my mum….something am so proud of everyday .

Shout out to all firstborns out there .do we mind being Deputy parents ? …do we ?…. No I think we don’t  or we do …nooo we don’t but I think we do just a little bit..juuust a little ….hehe , but trust you me , having her in my life when I was at my adolescence years , those years of being stubborn and withdrawn from the world , she is a gift , a blessing , she sure did shape my parenting skills , I can now smile and honestly am ready to handle my small human 👶when he or she comes . I watched my lil sis  grow and aha I helped  in the raising of her .am proud you came my way monkey.)

I snapped out of my thoughts  when our little crazy one covered my  face with the gunia ….awhooo nooo waaay , I was mad now ..like mad mad ., We started shouting as I ran after her .we both fell on the tall grass somewhere along our farm, we began cat fighting  and tickling each other laughing loudly, Gosh I love how she laughs ….it makes me laugh so sweetly ….she is such a cutie .she is my world .my joyful world .I love her so much.so so so so so sooooo muuuuuch .

” Sister , 254, ( she calls me 254 …) And other nicknames I won’t mention here , they so embarrassing )…..so have you made your decision yet ?she asked me aww that baby face

“So you cooking us chapatis tonight or you still want your Rice beans avocado ,? ” She asked rolling her eyes so hard …..

I smiled at her cheeky cheeks .I loved her so much .she is so grown for her own 8 years old baby girls

I pulled her into a warm hug . ” I have made my decision baby ….am cooking chapatis , no more 254’s rice beans , although I will still miss it. Something else baby , Daddy might visit tonight  so let’s go and prepare Those chapatis baby , let’s goooooo” .
She suddenly attacked me with kisses all over
” I love you big siz 🥰”

” I love you more monkey “❤️

We ran all the way home with one  wild flower attached on her hair 😹😹somewhere in that black African hair ,..and   the other I carried it for our QUEEN MUM….with these two , damn I feel like a millionaire ….they two are my universe🙏💎…love you family❤️💙🖤💜💙💚💛

I love you baby 😘

Siblings are blessing , believe me its so boring to be alone In the house , as the only kid , I love how we fight for remote , today she eats the amount of food I eatvcoz she feels like there is competition .I love it when she is given 10 bob she buys maybe sweets and brings me almost half of them ….it feels good to be loved for real….I love it when I go to shopping and buy her dolls , clothes , it feels good to know someone depends on you somehow .thankyou Heaven for this beautiful princess.words ain’t enough to say I love you sister but I will forever say it I LOVE YOU 😘❤️💖



This sunset🎡🧘👩‍🚀😌💌

Chasing sunsets.thats her magic .she could still see the sunsets even on her darkest days but this day was a happy sweet important beautiful incredible moment.

We all have been there , having such moment ,those places around you🌞 , around the world🇰🇪🌍🌏🌎 , where  when you walk outside  , when you step on them  you are immediately swept off🧡💙❤️.you swept off at the sight before you and yes ,if you are like me ,in such place we take pictures a loooooot of pics.we get it , a picture lasts longer 🥳..we seal the memory , we own the moments , we want them to remain ours for life 💌🥰

I like people who get excited about almost everything , about the changes of seasons, the smell of rain,the peace found inside the Temple🧘👩🏾‍🦰👩‍🚀…the mixture of darkness ad light , the feeling of a Sunset .

And this day , I gat a chance to be 👩‍🚀girl, …hehe maimuna was my name…to live this maimunas life for some hours …just like musical lyrics I can explain this moment from it started to the end 🥂🎶…it felt good to cover my hair , all places in particular.inside the temple I found some unexplainable peace.it was so blessed I mean 👩‍🚀 👳and the food was delicious wuuui.it was change of my normal.it felt good.my magical evening.my sweetest sunset.

Moment unforgettable ❤️.oh yes🎶🎵

As they say travelling leaves you speechless, well, it does to me 💌❤️💙🧡🧡 ,then it turn you a story teller .my story of chasing the sunset.


It’s a four lettered word



What is love?

When it comes to love that’s where everybody has a story to tell …we call it love stories…..some have happy ending others become daily tears …it’s all because of the Decisions  me made…..the love  decisions.the decision  to fall in love  or the decision not to fall in love  …the decision to stay …the decision To leave

It is a decision to stay

It is a decision to leave


Humans crave a great love love story .generation to generation tale to be told .love stories are great .Good or bad ,Heartbreaking Or heartbuilding…they all legendary stories .you know why because they are true.we all want an explosive ,bombastic, unforgettable love tales.

You know ,that place where girls are flaunting them rings in all 盧 selfies  and gents are all there grinding so hard to provide for their families , wife and kids , they all want them to have a good life ,why ,coz they love them.they want to spend whole life with them .and 70 years later ,they will wear matching clothes and flaunt their grey hairs, their matching tattoos, their kids and grand kids , mansions , matching cars, investments and big families.i know I want this .do you want to have a great love story someday ,well I do 

The dreams that I dream of dreaming 

( Btw I am a hopeless Romantic , I believe in date nights,, Cinderella story , movies and cuddling, chocolate and surprises , smiles and hugs , kissing in public, playing houses,matching pajamas 蘿拾, shopping together , walks and a loooot of selfies to keep them memories ,they say a picture lasts.. longer ,….,yes, I believe in LOVE)

I WILL KEEP ON DREAMING , SOULMATE COME FIND MEEEEEE… we need to make money moves in silence  and flaunt our mansions and our twin babies (boy and a girl)….find me fast now , I don’t want us to be late ,we need to take vacation ,Dubai and all over the world you , but still come back home here in 254 ,hurry up future hubby , I need to meet my mother in law and show her my cooking expertise…matoke and mokimo,…I want to assure her that I will take care of her son, so goood in all places….stomach ,body , soul ,heart and mind…I want him to be thinking about me all the time coz damn am thinking about him now ….hurry up HUSBAE, I want you to meet my mum, the best woman in the universe ,I want your mum to meet my mum …inlaw bond I treasure that …..hurry up Baby daddy , our kids are crying in their nursery, got off between my legs 蘿….your favourite place …I love when you there too….shush…….Hubby ,you in for trouble with me your wife ….good trouble ….my dreams tho 

But to be honest , it’s every girls dream to have a perfect husband ,it’s every boys dream to have a perfect wife ….by perfect I don’t mean the one who has no flaws , the one who is home at the right time , the one who does not urgue back. The one who serves like god…the one who worships you   nah nah nah all these exist in movies and romantic love books , they all fiction …dear darling reader ,learn how to separate fact from fiction ….my meaning of perfect is , a hubby who we will always shower together ( how I love this shit )…., A hubby who will allow me to drive  him to work in my Red BMW, , A hubby who will be my best friend and we will be laughing about dumb things  coz future baby daddy ,your wife here laughs at everything and nothing yes such a happy soul I am, soul mate who we will be team players ,,a hubby who I will play fight with , hubby you my first kid ,so relax we will have a loooot of pillow fights on our queen king sized bed wuuuui,am here baby , we will joke about everything , even how our babies will be walking like your grandmother and my grandfather combined ( is that a joke , but am laughing) we all humans am not a kitchen wife and he is not a work husband …we best of both , he can cook too , I can work too , when I bring my half on the table and he brings his half ,haha lovers what will make us not have mansions and private jets what ??? …… All these to me will build a cute modern love story that is full respect , growth, personal development,loyalty, and happiness..coz …..we go✓ play like  kids ,✓ share secrets like bestfriends ✓, pray like we Bishop and high priest, ✓make love like we pornstars ✓,fight like brothers and sisters ✓, flirt like strangers ✓,travel like we have no home ,✓… have fun like we teenagers and make money like a Boss✓✓✓✓✓✓

My readers, Just Like NIKE✓….JUST DO IT ..LOVE

okey enough of dreaming , back to reality , it’s not easy to find your soul mate …PRAY HARD ….We living in a world  where the male generation , boychild  is desperate to impress the girl he is pursuing with cheap flowers , alcoholic bad smelling cheap wine,boxes of chocolate , opening car doors for them, what am talking about is stereotypical gestures which are so old fashioned …come to girl child,they all dreaming of a movie love, the soap operas you know , where the boy accidentally fall on her in collage or uni as she walks from class and he helps her pick up the books , he touches her and she lock her eyes to his , end of the story they both fall in love instantly (I was in uni ,four years, no one did this to me , girls  it’s a lie , a scam )….the girls are out I space dreaming of kissing in the rain in a cool short red  dress with boys on top of a mountain or on a motorcycle in Paris …weee …oh yea!…( Dreams are valid , but don’t dream about this aaaah a beg wake up !!!!)

We want they bottle up in and sell in soap operas ….I also want my cute Alihandro and I be his beautiful Maria desparado ( ama no Maria was citizen tv…mariaaaaa….either it’s a decision you choose to be the movie girl or the series Maria street girl …apa!…that wassup !!)….. We want stories people write about in poems .you know that Romeo and Juliet picture passion of feeling ….now that….picture that looove….Omggggggg ima faint , it’s such a sweet love story …..am a dreamer and I dream of the very best of my love story ….dream too boy , dream too girl…
And by the way , boys dream too of a pretty Barbie, a nick Minaj wife, , a price Harry and Megan modern romance, a cookie, empire gangster girl love  , their grandpa and grandma successful love .Mind perfect 樂

Be ready I am about to hit you with reality ..pap!…I gat no  sympathy..ima hit you with the truth ,that’s why I know am you favourite writer .your girl Miss254yo yo!!


So loves , scratch the dreams , what is that love , that love story we have been dreaming of. You think it’s a bed of roses , a diamond or gold race , you think it’s simple like how you thirsty and drink water and all is goood ….oh Hell na baby, love can be a monster too , a vampire that you keep chasing off your nightmare , that no good ,bad dream, ….all this is if we stop fantasying  about love and start working love …it’s not a ride …what is it ??? I’ma telm you in a minute

REAL LOVE ISN’T  something that just happens , love isn’t our favourite food , what we always naive about when we go for date , CHIPS , CHICKEN AND COKE …naaah,love is like a farm , you need to cultivate , that’s why to  me love is not about feelings , feelings die , yes feelings grow stronger but what happens. If they don’t ,let’s be honest they DIE ….so for me love is not all feelings and all emotions …pttffff,!!….LOVE IS A DECISION , to stay or to leave . When you want someone , you make a conscious decision , a SOBER  decision  when you choose to love , to let someone in and grow you to your expectations or to pull you apart to your grave , to let someone in and make a home with you or to let someone in and make a grave rest with you ..
Its a decision , to love that loaded man , bag full of money , or to love that broke man and grow together both financially and emotionally…it’s our Choice

If all love stories of the world  are based on feeling , the pendulum of when we want to hate someone  that somebody will swing  so sporadically and so violently , it will fly of it’s hinges , you know why, because there are somedays when you are not in the mood to love somebody , not moods , but there will be somedays all you want is to hate somebody son or daughter , there are days when it’s so easy to walk out .coz we’ve made a decision to not stay but leave not because we don’t have feeling for them no more but coz there is no respect, no romance , it’s an abusive relationship , it’s toxic dead so we decide to walk past it , walk out of it , and it’s so easy to do so coz its our decision…you feel me ?

Love isn’t a word ,but a whole A to Z story ,it’s not a paradise or two bodies glowing in the dark, electric when the beat of their souls ricocheting to florescent emotion, love isnt a preservation of beauty of someone in your mind
Because beauty fades and youth fades and there will be a time that will come when you desperate  the girl you married to the woman who is the mother of your kids no w, you will try to remember them in the same  way you first saw them , a girl hunked over  books , hand scuffling through paper.you want them to remember you as 17 or sweet 21.you want to commemorate them as beautiful, wild and young with laughter , against the night sky and as you stare , something will pound hard and blunt , in the middle of your chest

Because before you know it , you cannot visualize a period when they are going neither can you imagine a day when you’re rolling in the vitality of your youth
Because one day ,they will not be beautiful but neither will you ,dear papi拾

And to stay after her full double lips  are no longer red ,  , them red  sweet soft lips are thick and rough, when her is not thick and black no more, when her ass is is no longer fat but flat , when them hips are not thick no more  ,thick and rich as they used to be , and to stay after her visions fails her , her body eludes her , so to me sometimes , or maybe all the times when I think of this ocean of love that does not have  direction to follow , steps to guide, I think love  is a decision to Come back , a decision not to leave despite the consequences and everything in your willpower screaming at you not to .love is a decision.

DATES.( Me and you?)☕🍿🍺🍯🍼🍧🥤 😂💯🇰🇪

Date date date 😍❤️😍

Oh heeeey loves ❤️👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨😪…nimewamiss Aki….my apologies I have been out for like 7 days🥺🥺 …..oh yea one week….sorry, just caught up with quarantine life  ( corona virus is not Bae at all ,dayuuum😪🥴😪)…but am baaaack , like I never left at all took👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨❤️ ( wink)….😋😋..

Sasa mmenisamehea???…pleeeaseeee …..🥺🥺🥺….yeees how can you not , am your fav girl in town( town where🥴) ….in WordPress✍️✍️..our fav place .our stories date place.. aha aha that’s wassuuuuuup my guys ❤️❤️…our cool baze .☕🍿🍺..a place where you my reader and I your writer , have dates ….

call it coffee date ☕ when I write about sweet things of life such as finally wedding the love of your love 💍, that feeling when you graduate🎉 , oh our sweet sweet birthdays🎂 , funny neighbours  🎁kitu ka hiyo, basically our little achievements ( here we celebrate them small small achievements ,yeeees ata Kama you din’t know how to take a cool selfie and now you do , ebu we celebrate🎇🥇 ) hehe ….,

call it beer date 🍺when your girl wona get lit , sassy, kinky and all flirty Virgo with him❤️😋👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 ,..parties, one on one talk with our loves , communication, transparency , night club dates ,…all that beer calls .

call it water date🥤 when I wona write about all healthy shit , the environment things ….our surrounding , our sweet river our planet , our earth 🌊🌾🌏🔭 haha,

call it ice cream date🍧 when all I wona write to you is about dancing , dressing , going out , friends and all that, shopping, salon, mitumba, hair dates with our girlfriends , make up , going out in croppy and jeans aha we go look good .💯

call it chips, chicken and coke date 🍟🍗🍹🍴🍷🍽️🍴🍾 and I wona write to you about date ,blind dates , my love life, about love out there , those movies and soap operas romance,cuffed by one stories , 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 ehe ….the forever ring  stories💍 …..

call them movie nights dates 🍿🌚🌃when all I wona write is about indoors , getting freaky inside the four walled room with your partner oh yea , sex ,making love, fucking all you guys do , cuddling, passion , exploring of the body ….oy yes baby, don’t be shy to express who you are when it comes to bedroom skills …be careful , it’s here , these dates , these stories people end up making babies ….😋😅😅😂😂….

.call it a milk and honey date🍯🍼 aaah and meat choma🍖🥪🍜🥣🍉🍒 haha as all I wona write to you guys is about our parents , our sisters , family love , betrayal of family and relatives …where we come from…our steps in life , our gurdians , who .made who were are today .Religion …all this .

Call it selfie dates ….yeeees coz your girl here loves taking pictures …so once in a while we do selfie or picture stories …just to have fun and describe each picture coz you know every pic has its own story….babe you do too …and your story is beautiful..I love you my reader .💜

Call them 😏…dry dates🦴 , I call them that when I wona write to you guys about broken hearts🗣️ , ex ex ex hehe👂, rape, violence 💀🕳️in the society, cheating , them playing you bf and gf👀, , …they dry dates coz.. they not good at all , you feel me babe , they baad , they nasty , they so dry …we hate sad stories …but hey we gotta talk about them at some point and , agree with me these dry dates will make us stronger …🤔💪

Sooo .yeeees.relax, 😄😁, if it meant to be that love, that job , that marriage , that pregnancy , those friends …🌞 it will be , so just do it if it’s vibing you but don’t do fake it , fake vibes. ..not here with your favorite  girl Miss 254🇰🇪….so baby c’mon ride with me through this platform , like what I write , comment about it if it gets you to your blood veins and heart, I will still love you if you say I write bad , I vibe you bad ….but to be honest I will just hug you send you kisses and tell you to go rot in hell 🤐🤐…we go not vibe at all…but najua mnanipenda coz damn nawapenda you my world , my all type of dates😌😔 ain’t I lucky ….hello universe am in love with my readers 🥳…yea yea yea…..that said  be prepared for the next story , I just can’t stop dancing to love ….so we go wrote about what the four lettered word mean  ( shush we have a date )…am so overjoyed to wrote about it ……..🖤💜💙💚💛🧡

Stay safe, stay home, wash hands  with soap and water , sanitize  all time , Don’t forget to wear that mask if you have to get out of the  house …..remember curfew dusk till Dawn  . ..social distancing , don’t shake hands ngrr not all darling , no hugs no kisses …keep distance loves …do it for those you love or do those who love you  ..like ME and YOU ….and our story dates ..ah yea that’s wassup……soon we go say Goodbye corona virus .soon loves.

Kisses and love  ….your girl Miss254🇰🇪❤️.AM OUT



I know what you thinkiiiing….oh yea…I gat you …..let me start by saying that you thinking wrong ….so serve your coffee hot grab some snacks ….we abouuut to go down…( On books) …I mean on writing …..😂😅😅😅……let’s do this …

🎶 You ready ,coz am ready ….yeeea🎶

LOVE IN TWO….it does not mean that miss 254 is chasing( doing)梁💥two males at the same time……we go not play that way 🎃💩it means that
Love in 2 ….. it’s  jus love for sex or  love for feelings …….the two that confuse sometimes….I might just want sex but you have feelings for me …..I might be in for love and real ride but you  in for sex…….sex and feelings….love in two …now you get me love?..weee👯👯😅😂

So , being getting questions from you loves about my writing , my blogging and my life in general coz hell, I do write about my life stories….and I did RED TALE ….and it was all bout  reason and feelings , love or lust.?…so many of you ( okey two of you )….siyuko famous ….they asked me if kashawai tamba.….breaking of heart ….the answer is yes, your girl Miss 254 has been broken by one and loved be one…I will write them stories …don worry ..but today we starting from the square one.:…what is love …my view


The world greatest love stories always and often pen down tales of male chasing after female..boy chasing after girl….but in this generation we living …well forgive me if am wrong but oh hell darling things change and girls chase after boys and boys chase after other boys and girls chase after other girl. ……LOVE IS LOVE don’t judge me. ..am an old soul but not old-fashioned I have heard of this this called  rainbow love( do your research am done ……..

So the question is are we chasing for LOVE OR SEX…. feelings or physical touch ….both love or just sex.?

But let’s view it as it is in the Bible ” Adam and Eve”…you feel mi.sp our stories are tales of boys chasing after prized possessions of the  good looking females around them ,in the fact that what catches the eye captures the heart and the body reacts in result …see hehe ,the huge bulge on the center of your legs ooooh , that moment when you see a smoking hot girl walking by in her little black dress , …( It’s normal)….the ” untouched Maidens ”  ” fresh for tonight meat”.   “Just a fling”. ” God , I like her so much”. ” One night stand” mmh !!!???…all these lead us to either having a long lasting relationship or a daily headache ……a heartache from the guy we calling our boyfriend or a soul medication true love from the one we want to spend our life with ❤️.

C’mon darling s lets be honest.
This LOVE  is in TWO✌️ …..

1.  He is handsome , headstrong male with puddles of Vermillion against his coarse skin. … And a passionate eye  eye for romance.he is damn my type , Tall and handsome…oh lord, look at how he walks , the way he smiles , his eyes locked to mine it’s merry merry Christmas…oh lord ,he is a bad boy.black leather jacket with a v – neck tee . …black jeans and his locks to the side ….his lips are full , pink in colour , damn they calling me to kiss them …no lie darlings , am gonna take him home , he is good for a night…fuck on my coach and later party in his house …let’s make them two nights .. sindio 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🍁….he is a snack🤗 ngwe …….hah you get me now , this  is a hungry person , just sex is her intentions with the dude, his looks and his body are her attraction to him JUST THAT …..you feel me now, let’s make it true , more realistic and be quite  frank,the girl is in for just SEX………( DROP THE MIC)

2. He is pure passion , slow to it , he do not want to rush no shit with her , oh yea!….he believes what we have it’s real and true. .he wants to make me her his by all means , all them good means ,,…..take her to the top of the mountain , shower her with all his intentions, flowers( she loves them red)…..
Night dates , picnics ,get aways to diffrent  beautiful places in this country,star gaze, ….introducing her  to his parents ..damn, she is his queen , the mother to be of his kids , the winner of his heart .he wants her forever .JUST HER.she I the fairest of them all ,you know what I mean?.damn ,he is into her .He is  running , running and running the run ,tearing up the ground, and spitting it back out with his own  torn shoes…,skin sweating  slightly in pursuit of the amour. his one and only real mama .He is a believer of one woman .THE GREAT LOVE

So 1 and 2 ….love in two ,2…..now you get me ,…

the 1.is sex , the guy might be into the girl but oh hell the girl just want the dick… , one night stand , some stranger one night love, craving for that physical touch from the bad boy wa mtaa .not to have him for life but for a night and if he is loaded, em money , maybe two night nigga .she want……so after the night the girl  disappear , the guy will be just a story ….it may hurt him so damn hurt when they meet in the streets , hide them feeling but the girl want what she wants.he may try to chase her but to no vail….broke or loaded, she want sex.sorry.just SEX.

The 2, is this dude is so in love ngai , so deep and he is like , girl can I take you to my parents ,?… Girl I wona meet your mama , and if the girl is not real , he may take the dude for granted , finish him off , abuse his feelings …but no matter what   behind the dude will be shown he will continue to pursue her, be a fool in love , but her diamond and gold,but if she is not in love with you , dude she ain’t staying, she belongs to the street man ….but if she is in for it , ngai ushawaisoma a great story of love , achana na Cinderella na prince story ….Ile yako na Mimi 👯👯🤗😂😂….Ile ya your shosh na guks …hiyo long lasting tale .a forever ” I do” …hiyo Sasa .so adorable , cute kids , through thick and thin, 80years still together ❤️🌷👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🤗🎶💞🌷…that’s what am talking about .LOVE

No words to add , am gona not justfy any , but if you in for love , make it clear ,if you in for sex and MONEY  ,make it clear .don’t confuse each other dear Humans 🥴

MONEY SEX AND LOVE…..above the two ,which are you ?…..mmmh !!…or you BOTH.?….I ain’t know now hehe .
Tell me .

Goodbye for now.its me your girl Miss254🇰🇪❤️

Nice Theory✍️🥀 14/04/2018

…Happy Death Anniversary Grandpa…-life well lived…70 years ….happy two years 🤗🥀


Them red Nails💅

Sorry loves but today we have to cut them 💅naturals short…..special day oh yea!🙏🙏珞♥️🌷14/04/2018🌷.Today marks
2/TWO YEARS ,Exactly two whole FREAKIN years  since he left, GRANDFATHER👴♥️…

These nails are blood run, a family thing from him to me …the sweet✨💥 thing we had in common, damn I miss how we used to keep them nails pretty looking asf💞☹️……… that’s why I treasure them so much  and everytime I look at my long   nails  I remember him, daily reminder that he right beside me all the time 🍻♥️ .

To New beginnings🍻…start of 3rd year without you Grandpa …not easy but oh yea am

not alone,God you here . thankyou Heavens 🙏.

NICE THEORY!!!!✍️🥀🌷👴🙏✨💯

Listen Grandpa,I know you still hear me,they say it gets better as days pass , NICE THEORY indeed,it’s now two years , I ain’t over it yet ,clearly .I am pretending.

Lots of shit ,lots of events ,I ain’t get to tell you ,well you were a father figure ,the son of my mother’s grandfather.Damn,this shit is real .paps.you gone for life?.hell,I hate how it feels 梁

Life unfair and I am weary,really wish it wasn’t you we had to bury,but grandfather promise that you will forever listen to me coz I know you still hear me.  Happy death Anniversary….NICE THEORY 😪😪

.from depression to thanking lord for a life well lived ,to living them moments and being thankful everyday …it has been a journey of accepting your loss Grandpa…it’s no one but God grace …He is an awesome God…I,we all got through this #muriukis family 🤗🙏💞..

Babu👴🌷, endelea kupumzika mahali hapo pema peponi🙏

Grandpa👴🌷, continue Resting in Peace and dancing with em Angles 🙏

Fafa👴🌷 thie nambere kuhuruka na thayu ..ni tugacemania mucii ucio kuria kwega kuraga✍️🙏💞

I will always love you ,your granddaughter.Rebecca Pauline Nge’ndo.



Me and my girl , we bestfriends forever #Goals💯♥️🥰🇰🇪

So funny and blessed that on such a day , a Friday ,  when Jesus died for our sins , a GOOD FRIDAY , oh yes, He blessed me with a gift of a Bestie so this year , Good Friday gat me unwrapping gift of a best friend , oh guys ,I feel lucky …just like her name LUCKY VIHENDA , my Best Friend Forever .珞what can I do to show how thankful I am .All we have to do is pray a minute ,let’s pray..thankyou so much Heavens.

Today it’s date 10, the day I , we , me and my best friend , my girlfriend we celebrate each others friendship.oh trust me this girl broke my walls when she came in my life.i was like , I don need no girl ,no friend to do me like the others did , I need no friendship betrayals and drama …no more ….gat enough and am done with friendships …..haha , shock on me , that was the time   God knew was the perfect time to send such an Angel to my life …..she literally moved next door when we were In campus , she never missed my birthday ever since and friends date became date 10 ….a day like today years ago …for real I needed a gangster to love me better than the rest ,she is my ride or ride Boo珞♥️

I know it’s hard to believe such a soul like mine can keep a friend …. A hardcore …hehe my dear it also shocks me everytime am with my bestfriend laughing and taking selfies , I never thought that I may have a bestie one day , ….my ride soul , my Bess…..haha still sounds funny when I call her best friend ….coz apart from my family I never keep friends for long ….I always walk away …(tears 🍺)..drama drama drama and betrayal….it sucks to cultivate a garden of Red roses 🌹..with a girl …friend …then huyo matako unapata amekubetray….it breaks my heart when I go back to history and  remember that betrayal…waaa ata Kuna mmoja we even became sister’s and damn pap! Boom!….sister’s betray I caught her rolling with my man…..I was about to kill some black soul but Amen it dint happen ….thats why it’s still a mystery how I never walked away on kababe and how she broke the Walls and showed me of a beautiful view of friendship garden.i appreciate Bestie

Yeeea ,….it doesn’t mean we never fall apart …was there was a time we broke up藍藍藍…how will I phrase it ….eeeh we separated ..still sounds cliche …haha ..we never talked for 3 FREAKING MONTHS………and what annoyed us most everybody was like ,lucky kwani where is paulyen???…..Miss254 kwani umeacha kababe wapi ??….it made me drop tears silently…( Yes she made me a softy at some point )…but thanks to this one important person in my life …Edwin Wanjohi….we got back together …the joy was unmeasurable…….wanjohi I really do owe you one 

Nione nikiringa , I gat myself a real  Gem with me as my friend , I have a shopping buddy, twinning sister ..both hair and dressing , ata lipstick we wear the same color 殺藍,aha we gat Friendship goals ,like having a friendship dance , a jam that we all scream while singing our song 🎶🎵, same outfits , and shoooooes and guys she took me to church  , not thaaat venye unafikiria , mi huenda church. But never  Kesha ( praise and worship whole night)….yeees loves ,she took me to my first Kesha…..I have myself a night date , yes we party animals ..my eating babe…yes kukula all the time but above all I gat myself a real Friend ,my best friend .Lucky vihenda .thankyou for teaching me the true meaning of friendship


🎵🎶🎤When I am alone
On a dark and rainy Night
It feels like I am the only one alive
If I get lost and have no where to go
There is always one thing I will always know
You will be around through my ups and downs .if I call your name .

   BFF….lucky vihenda( kababe ♥️)

Best friend forever,forever and ever no matter what ,we stick together .that’s my BFF

Friends Forever FF,me and my girl ,we are best friends forever

I keep our secrets ,cross my heart to die , and when you are sad ,it all gonna be alright, I’ll be around through ups and downs , kababe ♥️,just call my name

Coz we are Best Friends ,forever and ever,me and my girl ,we are best friends forever .

Sometimes we get scared,sometimes we feel sad ,that’s when you need a friend , a BFF🎊💞🎤🎶🎵

Let’s not forget that today,10th April 2020, JESUS died for our sins , gat so much love in His heat for us, humans , sinners , so now we have  His heart to own. Be Blessed you all and once again , with a bright smile on ma lips , happy date 10 to us bestie , BFF, KABABE.

💫The family we choose .our friends 💃🎊💯♥️

it’s your bestfriend, paulyen Miss254🇰🇪

One Minute Description 👻

It’s me Miss254🇰🇪

It’s me Red.

I am pauline Nge’ndo,first daughter of my mother ,am passionate about life and serving others is all I wona do all my life.my dream is being a lawyer yet to achieve but for now I am a certified Community Developer , alluminae of Maasai Mara University.(am proud)…I am a life time Volunteer and a Humanitarian, I love fighting for the rights of women,children and elderly in our society….hehe, I. A redhead, I love color Red in that my bedroom and my whole house be red red red ,I am an actress and a emcee ,my stage name is Miss254.i am a blogger where I write mainly about stories of my life.i love my mum so much she is the Queen of Queens .I have a small sister she is in grade 3 now ,her nickname is “Monkey” coz she is trouble 😂….I have a lot of nicknames eg.Red,Miss254,pola,Paula,grusha,pink drama queen,tausi and shawty coz am jus a 4’7 4’8….I love writing about everything hehe …I volunteer with REDCROSS,VSO ICS and SUSO..and many other organisations….my dream is to travel around the world , taking pictures ,posting them,helping the needy in the society ..take a selfie with Willy Paul, dine with Diamond platinumz just to hear him laugh,do a gospel video with masterpiece yeeeey …make Nadia mukami hair, take selfies with Avril mama ⛱️,meeting famous people like Jason Derulo ( he is my crush hehe)…..dance with cardi B….wear outfits with little mix and get away with All my crushes and crushiees wee☺️..walking my path of acting and entertainment and meeting best actors in the world ..act a universe film, emcee a world event somewhere in the world 🤣…having a perfect wedding and a family of 4 cute children ,being the best mum in the universe,the best wife to my person , my other me 💍and always trusting God in my path of life.🙏

Just a one minute challenge during this quarantine season from none other than my newest latest friend .Hello faith💞

Asante,it’s your girl Miss254🇰🇪


Report: Active Citizenship Day

Topic: World Down Syndrome Day

Community: Makueni County (Q20)

Location: Kenyan Red Cross office, Wote, Makueni

County and St Patrick’s School, Wote, Makueni

Date and time: Friday 28th February 2020 (09:00 –

Facilitators: Rachael Chaffey, Bethany Bradbury and
Dante Davin

This report is to evaluate the activities that took place at the ACD on the date aforementioned. This
was the fourth ACD of the cycle and was facilitated by the St Patrick’s placement team. This was to
help give the other volunteers a better understanding of Down syndrome and how it affects the lives
of those with the condition but also how having a disability does not mean that an individual does
not have value and that they can still be valuable members of the community. The topic was chosen
due both to its relevance to the placement of the facilitators and the proximity of world Down
syndrome day on the 21st March. There were five main activities in the day, one to introduce the
topic and give an overview on Down Syndrome, one on the screening process for Down Syndrome
and the ethical dilemma this raises, one to highlight the ability of Down Syndrome to still live
independent lives and what challenges they face, one to give an appreciation of the challenges those
with a disability face and one to interact with the children at St Patrick’s.

Activity 1: introduction to Down Syndrome
The purpose of this activity was to cover key information about what Down Syndrome is and how it
manifests itself. This includes the types of Down syndrome and the causes of these. This part was
facilitated by Rachael. She started by explaining the three types and highlighting the most common
kind called Trisomy 21. She then talked about the symptoms and the heightened risk of having or
developing other conditions such as epilepsy and heart defects. Many of the participants were
surprised by how common Down syndrome actually was at 1 in 700 pregnancies. In order to
reinforce the information she asked the groups questions about the information that was given with
the reward of a lollipop for correct answers. All of the questions were answered correctly from a
range of different participants indicating good retention and engagement with the information.

Activity 2: Prenatal screening and diagnostic tests debate
This part was facilitated by Bethany. This activity started with an explanation of what prenatal
screening was and how it allowed the parents to test the foetus to determine whether or not it had
Down Syndrome before birth. With this information the participants were split into 3 groups. The
three groups were that screening should be banned completely, that it should be the parent’s choice
and that screening should be compulsory for all pregnancies. They then had to give positive and
negative arguments for the option they had been given. For screening being banned some of the
points were that a family may not have the means to care for a child with Down syndrome and by
banning screening it didn’t allow the family time to prepare. For parent’s choice they said it would
allow parents to prepare but that if it was not accompanied with appropriate information may result
in parents panicking. For compulsory screening they said it would mean that the screening was provided by the government and would hence be free but could result in increased risk of
miscarriage. We then had a group discussion where they argued for each of their categories which
showed a good grasp of the debate from each of the participants on the arguments for and against
prenatal screening.

Activity 3: A story of an independent woman with Down
This part was also facilitated by Bethany. For this activity the participants were shown a video of a
young woman in Australia who suffered from Down Syndrome who had become independent. It
explained her life and the challenges she’d faced as well as the help and positive reinforce that had
helped her throughout her life. While the participants were watching they were asked to put a
challenge she had faced on one post it note and the help she’d received on another. They came up
with challenges such as ‘finding a job’ and ‘facing stigma growing up’. For they help they managed
to highlight key aspects such as ‘family support from brothers and mother’ and ‘her own positive
attitude’. We then presented these to the group and discussed them. By these points we were able to
see that they had grasped the key ideas that if those with Down Syndrome are nurtured they are
capable of achieving independence.

Activity 4: The disability walk
This activity was facilitated by Dante. In this activity the participants were split into four groups of
four. In each of the groups there was one person who was deaf, one who was blind, one who was
mute and one who could not use one of their legs. They also had to collect various items on the way.
The idea of this exercise was to give a greater appreciation of the various struggles those with
disabilities face. Additionally it gave us a fun and engaging way to get from Red Cross to St
Patrick’s school. The participants enjoyed the activity and all tried to be the first group to make it to
St Patrick’s

Activity 5: Presentations to and from the St Patrick’s children
This activity was facilitated by Rachael, Bethany and Dante. This activity was done to engage the
children of St Patrick’s and give them a positive but useful experience with the volunteers. The
session started with the children from St Patrick’s singing songs for the volunteers that had been
prepared earlier in the week. A presentation was planned by the volunteers to give to St Patrick’s
before leaving the Red Cross office. The planning involved splitting the participants into 3 groups
and asking them to plan a session to help people with disabilities feel valued and equal. Each of the
groups gave good ideas but they were more outlines of what they would do as opposed to actual
presentations as we had hoped. As a group a presentation to give the kids was outlined and the team
decided who would be in charge of each section. At St Patrick’s the presentation started with a game
and then asking them what it was they felt they needed at St Patrick’s. They gave suggestions such
as ‘lights’ and ‘a walking stick’. In the next activity they were told about Stephen Hawking to
reaffirm that just because you had a disability did not mean you can not achieve great things.
Following that there was a positivity circle to share ‘positive vibes’ to help the kids feel valued. The
presentation concluded with some games and a huge thank you from the volunteers.

From our evaluation carried out after the session we know that 100% of those attending the session
felt informed (91% of those feeling very informed). 100% of the participants enjoyed the session ‘lots’ and some of the key things people learnt were
the types of down’s syndrome, how it feels living
with a disability and the importance of social
inclusion. Many wanted a more in-depth explanation
of the science behind Down’s syndrome and also it
prevalence in Kenya, we hope to add some detail the
following week so that our participants feel fully
educated. Overall it was a successful session which
people enjoyed and learnt something new. If we were
to lead the session again we might improve some
communication when leading the session to ensure
that everyone understands our activities. For example,
when planning the presentation for St Patrick’s, not
everyone understood the underlying aim of the task
because we hadn’t fully explained the activity.